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The Perfect Gift for a Lefty. 8 Piece Left-Handed School Supplies for Kids Under 8 with Blue or Pink Accessories Essential for the left-handed college student
The perfect gift for any Lefty! $29.72 if items purchased separately. $35.90 if items bought separately. Get ready to be a lefty college student!
Learn to Tie and Write Left-Handed Gift Set • For Ages 4 - 10 Left-Handed Notebook Set with Lefty scissors & mechanical pencil Boxed Left-Handed Sketch Book Set
$50.30 if items bought separately Lefty Notebook, Scissors, & Pencil $45.85 if items purchased separately.
3 Piece Left-Handed Sewing Set Lefty's Orange Left-Handed Openers Set Household Tools Gift Set

$48.90 if items purchased separately.

Left-Handed Can Opener and Compact Orange Lefty's Logo Corkscrew

$45.75 if items purchased separately.

Complete Little Lefty Art Set with Blue Accessories Zippered Left-Handed Padfolio Gift Set with left-handed portfolio and elegant pen
$73.60 if items bought separately. A portfolio and mini-briefcase. Perfect gift for a lefty on-the-go! $69.90 if purchased separately! Handsome left-handed portfolio with beautiful bronze pen.