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Left-Handed Leather iPad Padfolio with Writing Pad Left-handed zippered padfolio Left-Handed padfolio with zipper
Left-Handed Leather iPad Case Designed for business people or students Perfect Left-Handed Gift - an elegant padfolio for the Businessperson on-the-go

Left-Handed Zippered Leather Padfolio - Great Gift for a busy lefty!

Smaller Sized Curly-Q Spiral Notebook, 100 pages, one subject The Lefty Notebook - Where the Right Way to Write is Left (Paperback) Left-Handed 7 x 8.5 inch Spiral Notebooks, College Ruled
The Lefty Notebook (PB)
Our Price: $10.00
Take this Handy Small Notebook Anywhere. The Lefty Notebook - Where the Right Way to Write is Left (Paperback) Smaller sized notebooks with checkerboard cover.
tear off desk left-handed calendar Deluxe Leather Padfolio Gift Set with Yoropen, Left-Handed Calendar, Left-Handed Scissors, and Left-Handed Mouse Pad. Leather Zippered Left-handed Padfolio Gift Set with Yoropen, Left-handed Scissors, Left-Handed Calendar, and Left-Handed Mouse Pad.
Day-to-Day 2014 Tear-off desk calendar for lefties

$107.95 if purchased separately! Beautiful gift for a busy office worker or student!

$117.95 if purchased separately! Lovely and useful gift for any left-handed student or office worker.