Winning entries to Left Handed Kitchen and Left Handed Gift Contests


Winning entries to Left Handed Kitchen and Left Handed Gift Contests


Florence B.
"The best gifts for my left handed daughter are the
left handed notebooks. Every year before school starts
we buy a supply of notebooks and binders. She has found
it so helpful when taking notes in school and finds she doesn't
smudge the print on the page and her work is much neater."

Amy G.
"The best gift for a left-hander is definitely
to have a left-handed child. There isn't a more special bond
than to know that your child inherited such a unique gift from you."

Kerry O.
"The best gift for my almost 9 year old left handed
daughter would be felt pens that DO NOT SMUDGE. We have had
many tears over wrecked artwork...."

The S. Family
"the best gift a left handed person could receive is a
quality pair of true left handed scissors. As a child my cutting was
significantly messy (as was my left handed daughter's). We were shamed
and admonished that we were careless and sloppy. Only now do I realize
the difference a true left-handed pair of scissor makes on cutting!:

James S.
"My gal got a left-handed clock from
It runs counterclockwise! Shades of Da his mirror-writing,
only it's animated! I can read it just fine but it's always a mystery to
left-brained right-handed clockwatchers."

S. H.
"I, like most lefties, have been told to write with my other hand.
I was ridiculed, teased, and belittled over such a small issue. As a
child, I had food cut for me because "it looked wrong" when I did it.
I was called Southpaw with such a tone of distain it would
make Al Pacino cry. I never used left-handed scissors growing up
and I always tried to compensate for not having any supplies to help me.
How would those supplies be useful to a learning child if the parents/teachers
don't feel or recognize it would make a difference - if they think the kid just
needs to "get over it?" If people aren't willing to recognize
the challenge and aren't willing to help, that student won't have any idea that there
are some really great products to make his or her life easier. In conclusion, the best
gift you can give a left-handed individual is YOUR understanding."


" I wish I can have special knife for helping my mom in the kitchen"

Rebecca W (Age 8)
" I would choose a left hander spatula because mostly when people cook
they use a spatula. So if they are a left hander it would be much easier."

S. Family
"what would i love in my left handed kitchen??? a left handed glass
measuring cup (as when i hold the cup in the left hand, the "metric" side faces me.
another great thing would be a true left handed knife (a left handed butter knife.... )
but if i had to lump it under once category - left handed utensils.... can openers, etc. "

Rhonda C.
"Well, my daughter loves to join me to cook/bake. We even
invite 3-4 friends each year at Christmas to spend an evening baking and playing
and they each go home with cookies! However, for Katie, who is a leftie,
measuring is a pain! All of the spouts go the "right" way, not left! So measuring cups
and spoons!"

Kangaroo K.
"wine openers and can openersthat go the other way, also spatulas
with the saying on the stick"

S H.
"You have just made breakfast: a beautiful, tasty omelet that you are ready
to share with the person close to you. It looks mouthwatering, steaming there in the pan.
You have prepared and executed the perfect omelet. As most chefs can tell you, and all
artists know, presentation is crucial. Just ask any Iron Chef judge. You pick the perfect
plates and just as you are trying to slide the omelet over... BUMP! SPLAT!!
Your omelet is in pieces! The wonderful breakfast meal you prepared bumped the side
of the pan and crumbled to the plate. It almost fell on the ground (much to your pet's dismay)!
This could have been solved with a "Wave Egg Pan." The lower lip on the right side
makes sure your tasty treat stays intact while in transit. The pan also has a lower
lip on the left side which means you can let your right-handed partner cook breakfast
tomorrow! Whew!"