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Lefty's Left-Handed Kitchen Tools Collection.
Read our article Kitchen Tools for Left-Handed Cooks for more information.
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Stories from our Customers
"I ran into Lefty's while on a trip to San Francisco. I was thrilled, as I have a left handed daughter, the only left handed person in our immediate family. When I told her about the store, her first comment was "Did they have can openers?" Opening a can is something she has always struggled with, and until that moment it hadn't dawned on me it was because they are made for right handed people. We went to, and found her a can opener. She now opens cans with no problem, and has a humbled mother who assumed she had a clumsy daughter, when she really had a beautiful left handed kid!"

- Laura G., Hermiston, Oregon.

"My daughter turned out left handed, I don't know anyone on both sides of our families that are lefties. But lo and behold our little Chico graduate is!!! She pumps the keg up at Chico left handed, she drinks her lattes left handed, she floats on the Sacramento river with the been in her left hand...
Which brings me to Lefty's website ... Christmas was a breeze, found your website and just started ordering, it is amazing once your are out of denial, how the inspiration flows.... We're very excited about your new cooking line products. She's a great cook! She is doing her masters now and we got the left handed notebooks, she loves those! Now I wish I were left handed toooooo.
- Jackie G., Pleasant Hill, CA

"My granddaughter is a lefty who is now 26 years old. She had always remarked "how come they don't make butter knives for left handed people?" After listening to this question for a few years, I went on your website to find her something left handed and came across the butter knife. I not only purchased that but a few other left handed items for her for. She was so surprised and pleased that when I go to visit my grandson in San Francisco, I stop by your shop just to see what I can find for her."
Shirley G., Salinas, CA