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Stories from our customers:
"I purchased some pencils from you a month or so ago for my son. He is just turning 7 and in 1st grade. Learning to write has been quite a struggle for him. My husband and I are both right handed so we have been very little help to him. His progress was slow and writing projects were very stressful to him. After speaking with his teacher, it seemed to me that the school was treating him as though he was handicapped because he was left handed!!! So I went on the hunt for something to help my son. When I found your website, I was desperate. I ordered 2 different pencils, one of which was the Yoropen pencil set for kids. Within 1 week of him using them at home and at school his writing has improved 200%!! He enjoys writing now and doesn't object to homework or writing projects. ...I was anticipating 11 more years of school nightmares and now I can back to worrying about when he gets a drivers license - haha!"
- Michelle R., Des Plaines, IL

"My daughter, Kendall, is 8 years old. She is the first left handed person in our family. I home-school our 3 children and Kendall has had some struggles in her learning. I felt ill-equipped to help her learn basic skills and we both felt frustrated at times. My friend told me about a store with tools and equipment specifically for left-handed people. I had never heard of such a store! Kendall was thrilled and excited when she opened a box from Lefty's and saw all the "tools" made especially for her! I was amazed when I started reading the enclosed book, 'Your Left-handed Child' by Lauren Milson!
It has made our lives so much easier. Kendall loves using her 'special' pencils and scissors when doing her school work! I am so very grateful to Lefty's for showing me how to help and teach my left-handed daughter and giving her pride and confidence as she uses her tools, made especially for her!"
- Karen M.

"We were on vacation in SF during Thanksgiving in 2008. My daughter who was in first grade was switching between hands when writing in school and was writing poorly as well as slowly. We stumbled upon your store on Pier 39. I couldn't believe all the variety of products. Your store had several pens out and available to try. As soon as she picked up the Stabilo Smove pens and pencils her hand went into a natural writing position that looked comfortable, and when she wrote she said it felt 'easy' to use. By the end of her first grade year her handwriting has improved dramatically and she is now exclusively using her left hand. ... I had completely forgotten to get my artsy/craftsy daughter a pair of lefty scissors. I thought the school was providing them for her. It wasn't until the teacher gave her some cutting exercises that I noticed she was trying to cut with her right hand! When I asked her, she said she was given right handed scissors! So I purchased another set of scissors for her to use at school. No more problems. Thank you Lefty's for meeting the needs of those who are 'right minded'."
- Jennifer B., Miliken, CO