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Stories from our Customers
"My daughter, Kendall, is 8 years old. She is the first left handed person in our family tree. I home-school our 3 children and Kendall has had some struggles in her learning. I felt ill-equipped to help her learn basic skills and we both felt frustrated at times. My friend, Carla, told me about a store with tools and equipment specifically for left-handed people. Kendall was thrilled and excited when she opened a box from Leftys and saw all the "tools" made especially for her!
It has made our lives so much easier. Kendall loves using her 'special' pencils and scissors when doing her school work! I am so very grateful to Leftys for showing me how to help and teach my left-handed daughter and giving her pride and confidence as she uses her tools, made especially for her!"
- Jennifer B., Miliken, CO