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Lefties in Tulare County

Tulare Lefties
Left handed students from Highland Elementary School in Visalia. Zulfiya (exchange student) is in the back left of the picture amongst all the raised hands. / Tom McGuigan - Photographer and Host Father of Zul.
Lefty Students Get Nice Surprise, Written by Jeanie McGuigan

Students at three Tulare County Schools received a word of encouragement and a nice gift just for being left-handed “Lefty’s”.

Exchange students: Zulfiya Urunova of Golden West High School and Cajlar Avci of Dinuba High School, both exchange students with World Like Inc., participated in “Global Youth Service Day”. Their service project was to encourage left-handed students.

Both Zulfiya and Cajlar are left-handed and are very passionate about the project they have chosen.

Three elementary schools: 4 Creeks Elementary, Highland Elementary, and Goshen Elementary were visited by Zulfiya and Cajlar. The students listened to a presentation on being left-handed and also some information about famous left-handed people. The students were also given a gift of a pair of left-handed scissors and a pen all donated by the “lefty” store out of San Francisco.

As per Zulfiya and Cajlar: “We struggled ourselves being left-handed so we created a project that was about encouraging left-handed kids and making their school work a bit easier, by giving them some left-handed supplies.”

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