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Lefties may rule the world, but they sometimes need help from righties. Most lefties live in households with righties. Lots of lefties are themselves ambidextrous, performing some tasks with their left and others with their right hands. At Lefty's we've developed a great selection of items which work for both hands. When many people use the same tools and cookware, its extremely useful to have items which work for everyone.

• Our Ambidextrous Peelers, both the Y shaped shaver/peelers and the more traditional swivel potato peelers, work in both directions. We've found that most Europeans and professional chefs peel towards themselves, while Americans usually peel away - meaning there is no universal peeler for lefties. These stylish peelers work in both directions, as well as in both hands.

• Our Ladles have pour spouts on both sides, for all soup and sauce cooks. Both the remarkable Collapsible Measuring Cup and the Flexible Measuring Cups can be read when held in either hand.

• The ergonomic Yoropen line, our staff's favorite, has a super comfortable rotating grip which can be adjusted for use in either hand. Our Lefty's Playing Cards have numbers on all 4 corners, so the numbers and faces of the cards are visible no matter which hand is holding the cards. The extremely well designed and durable Bahco Grass Clipper is made so that the blades rotate for use in either hand.

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Left-handed YoroPens in Many Colors Two YoroPen Refill Cartridges, One Black, One Blue Ambidextrous Erasable YoroPens in Many Colors
Ergonomic Yoropens with Black and Blue Ink Yoropen Refills with Black and Blue Ink Ambidextrous Erasable YoroPens in Many Colors
Triangular Colored Pencils: box of 12 Left-Handed Pencil Grips, Choice of Three or Six Ambidextrous Manicure Set w/ 2 Nail Scissors
Great Set of Easy Grip Colored Pencils Soft grips to help lefties learn to write. Left & Right-Handed Lefty's Logo Nail Scissors Manicure Set
Swivel peeler for Lefties Rotating Blade Grass Trimmer for Left Handed People Lefty's Left-Handed Playing Cards - Card decks for left handers
Swivel Peelers
Our Price: $10.95
Swivel Peelers 15" Rotating Blade Grass Trimmer Left-Handed Playing Cards