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High quality lefty products are not easy to find, as we all know. At Lefty's, we're committed to searching out products which are not only truly left-handed, but also green. The products included here have been carefully chosen to meet one of several criteria for sutainability. We continue to emphasize green content as we search for new and better items to add to our expanding product list.

• The Custom Lefty's Notebooks and Go-green Scissors are made entirely from recycled content.

• The Refillable Ballpoint Pens, and the Mechanical Pencils, have been chosen for their multi-use life span, as they can be re-filled rather than thrown out when the ink or lead has been used up.

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Set of Left-Handed Bamboo Kitchen Utensils GoGreen All Purpose Scissor - Eco Scissors 5 Left-Handed Spiral Notebooks, College Ruled: Left-Handed in different languages
“Left-Handed” Spiral College Ruled Notebooks, 5 Language notebooks
List Price if items purchased separately: $37.50
Our Price: $28.00
You save $9.50!
Set of 3 left-handed bamboo kitchen tools

Handles and stainless steel blades produced using recycled materials. Ergonomically designed for lefty comfort.

5 Left-Handed Spiral Notebooks, College Ruled
Lefty Five Subject Spiral Notebook: "I May Be Left Handed But I'm Always Right" Left-Handed Three Subject Spiral Notebook with Lefty Sayings Left-Handed Three Subject Spiral Notebook
Our best-selling spiral notebook! Attractive left-handed notebooks with Lefty Sayings
Handsome left-handed notebook.
Lefty Spiral Notebook: Left-Handed in different languages College ruled Spiral Notebook For Lefties 8.0" x 10.5" Left-Handed Wide Ruled Spiral Logo Notebook
33 words for "left-handed" on the cover! 9.0" x 11" Left-Handed Spiral Notebook, college ruled. Assorted colors Wide-ruled notebook for young and middle-school lefties.